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About Us

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Brand Introduction

Established in 1993, UYUSTOOLS is a Chinese brand focusing on the tool industry. In 2006, UYUSTOOLS became a well-known tool brand in South America. In 2019, we started to expand rapidly to the global market. Today, our products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world, providing one-stop solutions of tools for tens of millions of users.

For 30 years, UYUSTOOLS has been upholding the concept of “Providing Users with Reliable and Durable Tools. With a complete product line including power tools, power tool accessories, hand tools, hardware tools, etc., and an attentive service system including quality control, packaging, storage, transportation, marketing support, after-sales service, etc., we have become the top company in the Chinese overseas tool industry.

In the future, UYUSTOOLS will adhere to the brand’s original intention, maintain strategic determination, and join hands with global partners to continue writing the legend of Chinese tool brands in overseas markets.



Brand Positioning

UYUSTOOLS brand positioning maintenance level. Since the establishment of the brand, UYUSTOOLS has been focusing on providing one-stop tool solutions for customers in the field of construction and maintenance.



To provide users with high-quality, cost-effective products.

To provide business partners with a fair, reasonable and mutually reinforcing cooperation platform.

To provide employees with a harmonious and positive working environment.



Become a world-class tool brand operator.


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