UYUSTOOLS Embraces “Belt and Road” Policy: Exploring Global Market Expansion Opportunities

On March 30th, 2023, officials from Hangzhou Customs, Qiantang Customs, and the Xihu District Commerce Bureau visited UYUSTOOLS to provide guidance and express their appreciation for our work. The meeting focused on discussing ways to better respond to the national “Belt and Road” policy, capitalize on the opportunities it brings, and expand our marketing efforts to foreign customers.

During the meeting, we presented a detailed overview of our company and our recent performance in both domestic and international markets. We emphasized our active response and implementation of the “Belt and Road” policy and how we leverage it to expand our market. Additionally, we shared our experience and strategies for expanding into international markets.

The leaders highly praised and affirmed our work, commending our innovative and enterprising spirit under the “Belt and Road” policy. They also provided valuable suggestions to help us seize opportunities better, optimize our marketing strategies, and hope that we could achieve even better results in the future.

As a company that actively responds to national policies and constantly innovates and expands, UYUSTOOLS will continue strengthening our efforts in exploring international markets, continuously improving our products and services, and providing customers with better experiences. We believe that under the guidance of the “Belt and Road” policy, we will achieve even greater success and development in the international market.