How to choose the suitable circular saw

You should check out this article if you are bothered by picking a suitable circular saw. Here are six factors that you should take into consideration.

  1. Power: The power of a circular saw is usually expressed in watts. The higher the power, the stronger the sawing ability, and it is more suitable for thick wood and high-density materials. Therefore, selecting the appropriate power according to the expected materials and needs is necessary.
  2. Blade diameter: The blade diameter is usually between 6 and 12 inches. The larger the blade diameter, the deeper the sawing depth, but it also means that the saw machine is bigger and more expensive. Therefore, selecting the appropriate blade diameter is necessary according to actual needs.
  3. Weight and size: The weight and size of a circular saw is also a factor to consider. If it needs to be moved or used frequently, it is better to choose a lightweight and easy-to-carry model.
  4. Cutting ability: Some circular saws can be used for different types of materials, while others are only suitable for certain types. Therefore, choosing the correct circular saw is necessary according to the expected demand.
  5. Safety: A circular saw is a cutting tool that rotates at high speed, and you need to be extra careful when using it. Choosing a circular saw with safety features, such as a lock switch and a protective cover, is better.
  6. Price: The price of a circular saw depends on the brand, model, size, and function. Choosing a suitable circular saw according to your budget and needs would be best.

All in all, to choose the suitable circular saw, you need to consider the above factors and especially pay attention to safety problems.

Brand introduction of circular saws

The circular saw of UYUSTOOLS is of many advantages. Its basic features are powerful. In addition, it is versatile and safe, which shows UYUSTOOLS’ attentiveness to customers.

First, the strong power and fast sawing: the circular saws of UYUSTOOLS are all compatible with UYUSTOOLS 20V batteries that could provide more substantial power. They are also equipped with 185mm carbide saw blades that improve the cutting sharpness of the circular saws.

Second, suitable for various purposes: the adjustable bevel cutting angle can meet different needs.

Third, strong security protections: the protective cover, the soft rubber handle, the discharge sawdust, and the auxiliary handle will bring you a safe and comfortable experience.

Many famous tool brands also produce and sell power tools. Products from Makita, DeWalt, and Bosch are of good quality, but their prices are correspondingly higher. Besides, there are other brands such as Milwaukee and Hitachi. These brands’ circular saws are also perfect. 

It is recommended that you compare the electric circular saws of these brands before purchasing. You should choose the product that suits you by comprehensively considering its price, quality, and performance.