UYUSTOOLS R&D Department: Practitioners of “Keep Real”

The R&D department of UYUSTOOLS is a faithful practitioner of the brand’s core values embodied in “Keep Real,” accompanying the brand’s growth journey. They not only lead in product research and development, as well as the construction and management of laboratories, but also consistently scrutinize product quality, authentically embodying the spirit of “Keep Real.”

The R&D department has erected a state-of-the-art tool testing laboratory for the UYUSTOOLS brand. Each tool undergoes rigorous testing thousands of times, generating extensive and detailed test reports. Subsequently, using this data as a foundation, the R&D team engages in continuous design improvements, subjecting new products to meticulous testing cycles. Throughout this iterative process, they persistently benchmark against the high-quality product lines of international leading brands, striving to bring their products closer to their vision of “dependable tools.”

UYUSTOOLS Laboratory
Temperature and Humidity Testing Instruments
Wrench Torque Test
Wrench Project Debriefing

Within this laboratory, our R&D team dedicated a year and a half to in-depth research, meticulously refining the details of screwdrivers.

To ensure UYUSTOOLS screwdrivers possess the non-slip characteristics and superior user experience akin to international leading brands, our R&D department conducted thorough research. Through comparative analysis, they identified key factors such as material selection, torque, and hardness balance. However, the devil truly lies in the details – the intricate grooves of the screwdriver tip from international brands seamlessly aligning with the screws. Upon discovering these subtle differences, they continuously improved the grooves, undergoing repeated testing. After a year and a half of dedication, they successfully crafted UYUSTOOLS screwdrivers that rival international standards.

Screwdriver Testing (2008)
Original UYUSTOOLS laboratory (2008)

They also bear the responsibility of stringent quality control over suppliers, becoming the guardians of UYUSTOOLS brand quality. When it comes to jacks, faced with a market saturated with exaggerated claims, they unwaveringly adhere to authenticity, enforcing rigorous quality checks.

In 2014, the UYUSTOOLS R&D department embarked on the development of the jack project. After conducting market research and product experiments, they observed that a majority of mid to low-end brands in the jack market had issues with exaggerated maximum load capacities. At this juncture, adhering to the principle of avoiding exaggeration posed challenges from suppliers, customers, and the market. Rejecting exaggerated parameters meant increased costs, reduced market competitiveness, and potentially losing some consumers. Despite immense pressure, UYUSTOOLS steadfastly adhered to the “Keep Real” belief, refusing to succumb to the temptation of exaggeration. Through collaborative efforts with exceptional suppliers and continuous advancements in production technology, after five years of waiting and refining, UYUSTOOLS successfully launched the jack series in 2019.

The UYUSTOOLS R&D department is a team dedicated to practicing the brand’s core values of “Keep Real.” Their significant efforts in product development, laboratory management, and quality control continually drive innovation and progress at UYUSTOOLS. For the UYUSTOOLS R&D department, regardless of the magnitude of challenges, authenticity and quality are always the most robust pillars of support. Through their actions, they demonstrate that “Keep Real” is not just a brand philosophy but a guiding principle and motivation in their work.

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